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Student organisation for the MSc. Finance & Investments programme at Copenhagen Business School

Financial Industry and Markets

Analytical and Communicative Skills

Financial Instruments and Investments

MSc. Finance & Investments

The MSc. Finance & Investment programme was launched in 2014 at Copenhagen Business School. The first batch of students are now about to finish their studies.

What is the MSc. FIN programme?

The MSc. FIN programme is a new degree which combines essential elements from the cand.merc. FIR and AEF programme in order to educate candidates with a distinctive and targeted skill-set for the financial industry.

What do MSc. FIN students learn?

As part of the MSc. FIN programme, students will go through seven mandatory courses:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Investments (Capital Markets Theory)
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Intermediation
  • Fixed Income & Derivatives
  • Empirical Finance

The Student Body?

Our students comes from a wide range of nationalities ranging from all over the world. We currently have students from Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Greece enrolled in the programme.


FINA is made up of FIN students. Our mission is to create rellevant events and activities with companies in order to offer our students real-world experience and career opportunities.

What we offer

FINA arranges events and activities for the FIN students, in collaboration with several companies. We arrange and facilitate case competitions, company presentations, trading competitions, networking events and company visits. Furthermore, we offer a direct marketing channel to MSc. students through our community.


We are always on the lookout for new opportunities and partnerships.

  • Case competitions
  • Networking events
  • Company presentations
  • Company visits
  • … and more!

If you are interested in getting exposure to the MSc. student body, just let us know!



Since 2014, MSc. FIN students have won several awards, competitions and challenges!

2015 Big Data Hackathon

Daniel Bertelsen and his team of DTU students won the intensive 48-hour 2014 DTU Big Data Hackathon set forth by IBM and the Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk.

USC Marshall’s Global Consulting Challenge

A team comprised of CBS students went to California to participate in this prestigious case competition. Among them was Peter  Lærkholm, MSc. FIN student.

2014 Nordic Trading Competition

MSc. FIN student, Martin Slipsager Frandsen, won the trading competition by setting his market knowledge at work, leading him to a 1st price.

CBS Beat The Elite

A cross-disciplinary team of CBS students won the Beat The Elite case competition in 2014. Among them were several MSc. FIN students who aligned the financial content of the case resulting in a 1st place.

Bloomberg Trading Competition

The combination of market knowledge, quantitative skills and thorough financial understanding, MSc. FIN students managed to win the Bloomberg Trading Competition.

DJØF DBI (With BCG & Novozymes)

Seven students get a chance to participate in the annual Doing Business In (DBI) case competition set forth by DJØF and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). In this case, the students had to travel to China to resolve a real-world challenge for Novozymes.

MSc. Finance & Investments

Copenhagen Business School


Events for FIN students

At FINA we aim to bridge the gap between our FIN students and the business world. Thus, we are always working to make new events and opportunities for our students – keep yourself updated via our event calendar!

  • Case Competitions
  • Corporate Events
  • Company Presentations
  • Networking Dinners
  • Social Events
  • Company Visits
  • And much much more

FINA is made of 100% voluntary work by enthusiastic and comitted FIN students from Copenhagen Business School

We strive to bridge the gap between the FIN students and the business world.
We offer our co-students the opportunity to meet and network with relevant companies
and we offer organizations, investment banks and financial companies to meet and engage with FIN students.

We strive to deliver relevant, professional and fruitful events and opportunities
for our students and interested companies.

  • Professional skill set

    The FIN students have a comprehensive and saught-after skill set for the financial industry.

  • Bright students

    The FIN programme is a comprehensive and challenging degree which pushes the students the to limit. Thus, the student body is made up of bright and technically committed students.

  • Career ready

    Our students are ready for a career in the financial industry. We offer our partner companies a direct distribution channel and exposure to our students – are you ready?

Did you know…


Introduction week

Get exposed to new FIN students during intro week

Marketing new positions

Let us inform FIN students about career opportunities

Promoting events

Promote corporate and other relevant events to the FIN students

Exclusive dinners

Looking for further talent? Let’s set up professional networking dinners!

Workshops with exciting students

Get to know the FIN students. We can help in arranging workshops.

Masters thesis students

Let FIN students write their masters thesis with you!

Direct mails

Get a chance for direct promotion to the FIN students via our email system!

What do you need?

Do you have other wishes? Please let us know, and together we can work it out!

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